Howdy Ninjettes!

Jennifer Quisenberry, Ninja of Nails, nail wrap, nail wraps, nail polish alternative
Shhhh! The Ninja’s out of her uniform! Don’t tell anybody!

Howdy Ninjettes!

Welcome!  Thanks for joining me here!

It’s Jennifer, the Ninja of Nails!  I’m an Independent Senior Lead Consultant with Jamberry, and I get so excited about sharing my love for these awesome nail wraps.  If it’s nail related, I’ll be blogging about it.  Since I also have a team of awesome Jam Ninjas too, I’ll occasionally blog about helpful social media tips to help build their businesses too.

I’ll be sharing loads of great manicure and jamicure ideas here as well as application tips and tricks.

I also design custom nail art studio wraps and have several original and licensed designs available to share with you here too!

Be warned, I’m a displaced Southern Belle in Ninja’s clothing, so be prepared for a little Southern Fried Wackiness from time to time too!

I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy the show!  I can’t wait to get to know you!

Always Be Awesome!

Jennifer Quisenberry, Ninja of Nails, Custom Nail Art Designs, manicure, jamicure, nail polish alternative


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