Tonight’s the last night to Make a Splash!

Hey Ninjettes!

It’s the 15th, and you know what that means!  It’s the last chance to subscribe to the StyleBox and still be able to receive June’s exclusive wraps!  That’s right!  Tonight’s your last chance to get Make a Splash!

So what does Make a Splash look like anyway?  Well, you can see me unboxing mine here:

StyleBox, nail wrap, manicure, mixed mani, tattoo, temporary tattoo
June’s StyleBox exclusive mixed mani is so fresh and perfect for summer! It even includes a bonus set of gold and silver temporary tattoos!

I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself, so I just ripped into as quickly as I could!  And of course,,. there is also the issue of unboxing it quickly and stealthily enough to keep the dogs from realizing there is a box around that they want to turn into a chew toy.  Ha!  Hence opening it in the front yard!

But if you would like a closer look, here is a great photo from Jamberry.

I wore it earlier this month, and it was a lot of fun!  I got loads of compliments on it.  I especially loved how it looked against the sparkling blue of the pool.  It looked great poolside!

So with all of this talk of a StyleBox, what exactly is it?  Yes, it’s Jamberry products.  Yes, they are exclusive to StyleBox subscribers.  Like many of your favorite brands, Jamberry also has a convenient monthly autoship service where you enjoy free shipping, exclusive products, and a nice discount!  For only $25 per month (or less!) you get at least $30 worth of free product!  It’s the best deal Jamberry has going!

The styles in the subscription are always on trend and up to the minute with the freshest looks for the season.  So it can take a lot of guess work out of what you want to wear.  I know I spend a lot of time agonizing over what Jams to wear!

Here is a look at some ideas Jamberry had for styling your look.

So Make a Splash today!  The next one won’t be revealed until around July 5th or so!

Always Be Awesome!

Jennifer Quisenberry, Jamberry Independent Consultant, Ninja of Nails, nail wrap, nail wraps, manicure, jamicure


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