Happy Father’s Day!

Hey Ninjettes,

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Happy Father’s Day! And Happy Doggy Daddy Day!

We’re Coda and Mayle.

We’re the official mascots of Ninja of Nails, and we wanted to take over and write a guest post here today.

By the way, we’re dogs!  And we have a personal secretary to do our typing for us!

You see, we have the best daddy in the world.  And we wanted you to know that.

He loves us, he feeds us, he gives us treats, he fills up our glug glug, he rubs our bellies, he snuggles with us, he calls us weird nicknames, he takes care of us if we get sick, he cleans up after us when we make a mess, and he plays with us.  A LOT!

We think that must mean love.

And he’s really good to our momma too.  We think he loves her too! So we wanted to wish him a happy doggy daddy day!  Every day should be a happy doggy daddy day in our book!

We are letting him sleep in today, so we will say this really quietly, “WOOF!”

We love you daddy,

Coda and Mayle

PS- and Momma says, “Always Be Awesome!”

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