National Flip Flop Day

Hey Ninjettes,

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Mermaid Tales and Jaded

I hear it was #NationalFlipFlopDay yesterday, and I totally missed it!

Oh, that’s right. I was at the pool enjoying this 107 degree weather. Ha!

And of course I had on some cool flip flops, so I think that should count as recognizing the day.

What comes to mind when you think of flip flops?

Summer? The Beach? Sundresses?

For me, I think of flip flops and being relaxed, maybe even lazy. 🙂

Morning Mist Lacquer pedi. Ditsy Floral and Daydream mani.
Morning Mist Lacquer pedi. Ditsy Floral and Daydream mani.

So here are some good lookin’ flip flops showing off some Jamicures.

I hope they give you some great ideas for your toes later this summer.

Which one is your favorite?

I’m partial to the one with Mermaid Tales and Jaded, myself.

When I go swimming, I love how the colors look so pretty in the water.

And then they look great when I get out of the pool and back into those flip flops!

Let’s find out which one is most popular.


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Lady in Red with Black and White Chevron.



Always Be Awesome!

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