“Pink is My Signature Color” – #NationalPinkDay

Hey Ninjettes,

Berry Sparkler, #BerrySparklerJN, #nailwrap, #nailwraps, #nails, #manicure, #mani, #jamicure, nail polish alternative
One of my favorite pink wraps, #BerrySparklerJN. I love how it catches the light.

Are you wearing pink today?  Why you ask?  Only because it’s #NationalPinkDay.  And I’m completely tempted to throw in a full-fledged valley girl, “like, duh….”  LOL

So what is #NationalPinkDay?  I’m still trying to figure that out too.  I looked it up when I heard about it and I found something that said it was a day to celebrate pink and all that it represents.

So what does pink represent to me? I got to thinking about it, and it really does have some significance.

  • the color of my cousin’s new baby’s lips and cheeks
  • my favorite bougainville in my front yard that is blooming profusely and welcomes me home each night
  • my favorite shade of berry-pink lip gloss
  • some of my favorite wraps are pink
  • “Pink is my signature color”…  Oh Shelby…
  • and of course, Breast Cancer Awareness.

My family has been touched far too often by that mean little bugger, breast cancer.  As far as I’m concerned, Breast Cancer can rot you know where.  It took its toll on my grandmother and has touched other members of my family too.  I even have to be screened every 6 months for it myself because of my family history.

So what am I doing to celebrate #NationalPinkDay?  I’m dedicating the proceeds from my NAS design, Pink and White Ribbons  on a permanent basis to a breast cancer foundation such as the Susan B. Komen foundation, or to a Relay for Life or other walk team.

#awareness, #NAS, #nailartstudio, nail art studio, custom nail wrap, original nail wrap design, breast cancer awareness, charity, donation, proceeds, pink, white, ribbon
My original Nail Art Studio Design, Ribbon – Pink and White Breast Cancer Awareness. All proceeds from the sale of this wrap will support breast cancer charities.

If you or someone you love has been touched by this monster and would like to show your support by wearing my wrap design, I would be honored beyond measure.  It would also be my extreme privilege to design wraps especially for you, your support group, and / or a walk team.  Naturally, I’m happy to donate the proceeds of any of these as well. For how to order, I’ll leave this for you right here…

Small things.  That’s all we can do.  But if each of us make a small effort, we can move mountains.

Always Be Awesome,

Jennifer Quisenberry, Jamberry Independent Consultant, Ninja of Nails, nail wrap, nail wraps, manicure, jamicure


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