Team USA takes the World Cup Title!

Hey Ninjettes,

#CornerKickJN, #PatriotJN
#CornerKickJN, #PatriotJN and #ElectricLacquerJN are perfect for showing your Team USA spirit! (Thank you Pinterest for the image, original poster unknown.)

How about that new team USA World Cup Title!?!?

Pretty Awesome, right?  The ladies really showed the world how it’s done.

If you’ve been following along with the games, you’re probably a huge soccer fan.  Do you play yourself, or played while you were a student? Are you a soccer mom?

Let’s talk about how to show your team spirit.

Supporting your team, whether is the USA women’s team, a team from abroad like Manchester United, or your child’s team feels good.

It’s a feeling of being united for a common cause and feeling pride for your team.  Win or lose, you love your team.  It’s part of who you are when you’re a fan.

#SoccerJN with pink soccer ball,  world cup, FIFA, USA wins world cup

Have you ever taken your team spirit to the Nail Level?

If so, I’d love to see your photos. Please share them with me @ninjaofnails on Instagram and Twitter.

If you haven’t had some Spirit Fingers of a fanicure before, let’s look at some options.

Jamberry has two soccer, or “football,” designs for you.  #SoccerJN is a classic.  It’s black and white simplicity allows you to pair it with any team color of your choosing.

#SoccerJN, #MidnightCelebrationJN , #Starbucks, world cup, FIFA, Team USA wins world cup
#SoccerJN, #MidnightCelebrationJN

#CornerKickJN is also really versatile.  It is a soccer ball on a clear background which allows you to layer it over a nude nail or over another wrap or lacquer to show your team spirit.

When the design is at the cuticle like this, many people call that  a half moon manicure.

The first image to the right is a example of how you can use #CornerKick to show your specific team’s colors.  In this case, it’s all Team USA!

Thanks for taking a look!  I hope you enjoyed cheering on Team USA!  Let’s get ready for the next one!

Always Be Awesome!

#SoccerJN, #Black&WhiteChevronJN, #soccermom
#SoccerJN with #Black&WhiteChevronJN makes for a classic look! If you have multiple soccer players in your family, this is a great look to support your athlete while being team neutral.

Jennifer Quisenberry, Jamberry Independent Consultant, Ninja of Nails, nail wrap, nail wraps, manicure, jamicure


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